Demeter's frosted kiss (riga_mortia) wrote in vamp_phantasy,
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Despirate call

I had a dream when lying beside Ryan, it was odd, I hadn't thought of him all day, I was too busy thinking of school, and it was brief but rang a bell in my head.

I'm in my house, cleaning what seems a years worth of tears and dust. The door bell rings, of course I run down miles of stairs, but I see no one. I hear cries from the porch, quickly as to not lose a precious moment I open the door and there lye shepherd almost in skeleton form. Tears stream down his face as his hand stretches outward in my direction. His hair is blood soaked, his fingers are gnarled, and his breath is ghastly. I bend down and it as if I were in a scene from a movie, I grew feathered wings and wore red and white lace mesh flowing in an eerie wind. I gather him into my arms in silence, my wings embrace us both as uncontrollable winds blow. A single tear rolls from my cheek to his forehead, an explosion knocks him from my embrace to a levetational state. We are above the clouds, he has gone, we are judged, and then I awake to the bed I swore I could not sleep in.
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