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Time travel

Everyone and their third cousins dog was calling me today. How is this relevant to my dream? I will say, the dream continued on no matter how many times I was roused from my slumbersome r.e.m. state. It was about time travel. I met this man and he explained all details in vivid array of a spectacular narration. He told me the basics first, about how once a hole is opened, it is open forever, it is like a super highway between frames of time. I traveled to post nuclear holocaust times (which had a real mad max feel to it) before I studied enogh, I ended up having this foe that was trying to get back and knew only I held the knowlege.

The universe was revealed to me in all different forms, in all different times, and I was known. The portals opened and collapsed on my demand. I conversated with Albert Einstein, shook hands with Julius Ceasar, picked at the brain of an egyptian slave, and found the meaning of life(which isn't as glamorous as people would crack it up to be, actually, it was pointless and took up too much time). I ran into my rival once when trying to get to the now, it was magical, almost romantic, and we did a dance with swords, no victor, just parted ways in walking away symphony of love, light, never again did I see my foe. I crash landed in a room somewhere, some time, I was in a lace corset dress, golden tendrals fell all around me. The doorbell rang but was like a piano playing Tori's new song "A sorta fairytale". Then the phone rang it was shepherd, I told him of the odd experience, then got off the phone with him. Deena was down in the computer room so I thought to say hi, she asked me if I would like to listen to Tori's new song, she downloaded it today!
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