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a dream i had almost two years ago...

06:49pm 25/02/2001
I had a terrible dream. I woke up at five this afternoon. In my dream I was running away from someone, and I was out in a field trying to hide...and then I tried moving closer to see where the people were, but I was so exhausted that I collapsed and then I looked and there was my brother Eddie in a truck with two people, and they had hunting rifles or some shit, and they all ran over to me and my brother said "Let's shoot her" and then they all did. Then this black guy that saw what happened ran over to my brother and shot him. What the fuck's wrong with me?
sooo...yeah....that upset me to the point where i called my brother cying and told him about it.

and now, just a few days ago, i had a dream i was shot in my left shoulder with a shotgun...
and everybody was carrying on like nothing happened.
what the fuck is it with me getting shot?

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