Lost and not coming back (lunastargrrl) wrote in vamp_phantasy,
Lost and not coming back

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Dreaming on...

I am new to this list and I thought i would let you in on a dream I had last night. I was running around this mall looking for a prom dress. I had this magenta satin skirt and grey wife beater. It just wasn't good enough. Then I thought I would wear this vinyl black dress that in real life I actually wore to my prom. I was on this little ski lift and it would keep going. I saw my best friend Jessica and her sister but the ski lift wouldn't stop and i was wearing a big puffy skirt but it wasn't the skirt I wanted to wear in the first place. This girl Geri was trying to give me and extra skirt she had. I was then wearing a black renaissance top and a black skirt. My old best friend Angela was telling me it looked horriable. I was in a cafeteria with Sally Field they were all having motherly conversations. It seemed like the obedient daughter was have the conversations about cleaning, and domestic things. Everything was in an extreme up close as if I was watching myself watch a movie , in the movie. I was really frustrated and I knew I should not even go to the prom. I was walking around in the grocery store and trying to go up the stairs to get where I needed to go. I woke up angry. The ENd.
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