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A Long Adventure

I only slept for 3 hours. But in those three hours I lived for a long time. I came upon a house inhabited by four children. The house was carved into the side of a cliff by the sea. The children were obviously troubled. I went into the house and spent time with them. They were insane. I tried to take care of them, but I didn't know where I had come from or exactly where I was. They worked in a pool of running water at the bottom floor of the four floor house, making items to sell to support themselves. I found out there parents had died in the house. As I stayed there trying to figure something out, things got more and more odd. I felt sanity slipping from me. I knew it had something to do with the house. I tried calling 911 to get help, but they wouldn't believe me that something was dreadfully wrong. After several weeks, an alien probe from a galaxy in the constellation of Orion failed to provide meaningful assistance as well. It messaged home for help, but came back with the answer the none would come. Many months later, looking at the rocks, I came to find they were made out of a strange material. A material that leached into the water that flowed through them. This material was the source of the children's and now my insanity. We all left the house in a raft, but we had no where to go. We ran into some friendly pirates who offered us desperately needed money for the top two levels of the house. I agreed to the deal. Having money meant the children didn't have to work in the water. They gained there sanity back. However, I knew that the money wouldn't last long, and the children would end up having to go back into the water. The children were itching to spend the money on everything. And I was busy clearing away the diseased rock. Being in contact with the rock kept me insane. In fact, I was going more and more insane. The world was beginning to melt away. I knew I would end up dead like their parents. I, however, had to clear the rock, while at the same time keeping the children from recklessly spending the money that they got from selling the top two floors of their house. I got electrocuted on some wires in the rock, but survived. I cleared and cleared, but there was so much rock. I knew I had to get rid of it all. But as the months past I lost more and more of my grip on any semblance of a stable reality. The world melted away as spaceships fought overhead. Everything began to change, and I floated out into the ocean. I ended up walking on letters. E for excellent. F for fail. Grades. I was in some strange school. The letters were huge and psychedelic. Purely a fantasy. Everything drifted away and I woke up. I only hope I got enough of the rock cleared and the children will be okay.
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