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Well if this is a dream community then I totally love this one! Here is a dream I had a couple nights ago...

It started out like this. A Chinese warrior stood in a courtyard, practicing with a bow stick. He looked really angry and ready to kill. A little hut stood in front of it. A family stood there. Two adults and two children. Here is when it gets really sad. The Chinese warrior starts running at them. He is really pissed now. The woman takes her two children to huddle by the wall, (reasons unknown. Why couldn't they just run somewhere else? I don't know!) The warrior and the father start yelling at each other. Then the father runs to where his family is but the warrior takes out a blade and throws it at his ankles. He falls down dead and then he goes to the family. He know has a sword...

And it ended there. Imagine a blade slitting your ankles. OUCH! That has got to hurt. Bye. I am glad I got that off my chest.
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