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ahhhhhhhhhh this'l get ya!

this morning when i went to bed the second time (yeah, i go to ged twice...long story), i had a messed up dream. let me tell you about it....

all i know was that me and my boyfriend were in japan. and there was a fanueil hall (place in boston) there. we went in and there was a salon there with geisha girls in it. there were all these strong winds blowing all over the place. and one blew me clear across the room, into this sandy area, a marketplace! but not just any marketplace! this marketplace had migdet wrestling!!! and the migdet wrestlers either were wearing masks, or looked like vern troyer from "austin powers". and they, too, kept blowing all over the place from the strong winds.

soon, another strong wind blew, and i was thrown back into the salon. i saw rob, and he just looked at me, stunned, like a deer in lights.

and then the alarm went off. end of dream.


analyse if you will, dreamers. but i had my own:

first, japan is just a place i always wanted to be. nothing to that. (or a need to travel?)
second. the geisha girls represents my feminine side, and recently, i have felt the need to get in touch with that more. (and the sense that i am letting myself go)
three. the strong winds represents chaos. i feel chaos in my life. disorder. and i do. i feel the need to gain back control.
four. the midget wrestlers represents my feeling small, and unloved by family and peers, and the struggle to gain back that love.
rob being in the dream shows that rob is always in my subconcious.

i took a dream analysis class way back when. there is my own analysis. pick apart my dream if you wish. the rule is that i cannot argue with your analysis. that is a general rule for this practice.
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